Friday, December 11, 2009

Uuuuhhh! I Wanna Play the Clarinet!

Merritt can be quite determined! With each new day, I gain a better understanding of what my mother's 30's were like and am sure she is finding some pleasure in my 30's being quite similar! No matter how determined I try to be I have decided that I might be winning some battles along the way but definitely not the war!

The second challenge of the week with Merritt occurred during Morgan's private violin lesson. Merritt typically goes to her Daddy's office during this time allowing me the time alone with Morgan so I can concentrate on the lesson and take notes so that I can be her teacher during the week. Unfortunately for me, Daddy was out of town!

Merritt doesn't usually let much time go by without being noticed. This day was no exception. In an attempt to get her to sit quietly, I explained to her that one day when she was ready to play the violin we hoped that Mrs. Webb would be her private teacher. When that day comes, we surely wouldn't want Mrs. Webb to remember how Merritt behaved and say, "No, I don't think I would like to be her teacher!" Thinking I was staying very calm and explaining an excellent lesson, I ended by saying, "So, Merritt, one day when you play the violin, don't you want Mrs. Webb to be your teacher?" To which she replied, "Uuuuuhhhh, I wanna play the clarinet."

The conversation ended with a formerly composed mother laughing and promising M&Ms! Any suggestions, please?

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