Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great Expectations

"I expect you to do great things with your life. I don't hope it... I don't wish it... I EXPECT you to do great things with your life!"
A childhood friend of mine recently posted this as her facebook status explaining that her daddy prayed this over her and her siblings for many years. Wow! If we all wanted this for one another, what a wonderful world it would be!
My greatest hope or expectation for my girls has been self confidence... that which I have lacked! In their recent production of "The Little Mermaid", I have seen self confidence in action sometimes to the extreme. As neither child needs help with costumes either because they are capable of doing it on their own or have been resourceful enough to "hire" their own staff, Momma spent two weeks backstage helping other children, not her own!
At the close of the production, a weary mother returned home a little saddened that her chicks didn't need much of her only to find a smiling father reminding her, "Isn't this what you have always prayed for?" Yes it is my wise partner and oh how proud I am of our Seaweed and Coral! You lit up the stage and made us all smile and giggle! Great show, girls and Great Expectations your Momma and Daddy have for you! Continue to Shine!