Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's Do the Twist

Sweet cousin Jacob sent an early Easter present to the girls~ sidewalk chalk with stencils for Merritt and a "lemon" twist for Morgan. It's the modern day version. Back when I was a child the ball was shaped like a lemon and therefore was called the lemon twist! Not sure what they call it today but Morgan liked the name lemon twist so the tradition lives on! Amy and I spent hours in our driveway jumping over that plastic lemon! We got really good at it too! In case you are wondering, lemon twisting is like riding a bike....you never forget! My lungs gave out this afternoon before my lemon twisting did! Morgan got the hang of it really quick! I can see Morgan and Merritt spending just as many hours in our driveway hopping over that "lemon" as their Momma and Aunt Amy did!

Grams and Kilograms and First Grade Homework, Oh My!

Morgan's homework last night included a worksheet on grams and kilograms. She whizzed through it and asked me to check it. Okay, so I've never been good with units of measurement. I understand the pounds, unfortunately, but that's about it! I look up everything else! Not wanting to admit that I needed to check her answers, I told her they looked correct to me! When she wanted to turn it in this morning, I told her I wanted to recheck the grams and kilograms sheet. She went on to explain to me that kilograms were heavier than grams....very in depth explanation that was more than my small mind could handle. I told her that was very good but I would check it again today and we'll turn it in tomorrow. Out the door she went saying, "Well, okay, but I can guarantee you the computer will tell you the same thing I just did!"
Note: I have done my "research" on the computer and yes, it did tell me the same thing Morgan did! I am so in trouble! We're not even to the pre-teen years yet!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ice Cream Fit For Princesses

Cinderella, Belle, Morgan and Merritt
Morgan and Merritt with Sleeping Beauty

Merritt and Jasmine

Morgan and Jasmine

Our Cinderella with Cinderella
Morgan's acting troupe had a Fund Raiser at Maggie Moo's tonight inviting the community to come have ice cream with Maggie and the Princesses. The girls said hello to Maggie but were much more impressed with the royalty! It was a nice way to end a great weekend and celebrate Morgan's successful audition for a part in Peter Pan Players' upcoming summer play, Sleeping Beauty. We also celebrated another excellent report card! Way to go Morgan! Merritt also received an excellent progress report! Good going, girls!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pencil Scetch Has Arrived!

I have officially been given the sweetest gift ever given; other than the gift of life! Karen gave me my pencil sketch tonight and it is beautiful! Karen, your friend completely captured the sweetness and being of both girls. Thank you so much for such a precious gift!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're Taking Orders!

Tomorrow ends a week long celebration of Teacher's Appreciation! In honor of our teachers we have sent flowers, a hand-written note, a sweet treat, a school supply and a personal item. Our personal item is the hand-made picture frame Morgan and I made! We are both very proud of our finished products! Morgan's classroom teacher is weeks away from having a baby girl so we made a picture frame perfect for her first photo! Her Gateway teacher should enjoy the trendy ribbon we picked out for her! Morgan was such a big help and is ready to make more!

A Second Glance and A Second Chance

I think I've secretly waited for this moment for the past two years! When Morgan started kindergarten I had to get comfortable with many things. One of the biggest was carpool! Waiting in line wasn't the issue. I mastered that, quickly figuring out the best time to get there to spend the least amount of time in line. The part I struggled with was having the car door opened and watching my precious little one bound off to school all alone, surrounded by children 5 and 6 years older than her and twice her size! No more walking her to the door, greeting the teacher, making sure she can hang her coat up, kissing her goodbye..... It's a quick, "see you later" and she's gone! I'm afraid that's how childhood is; a quick see you later and it's gone!

I have marveled at Morgan's courage since the first day of school. She has never looked back; always confident to face her new day head-on yet my heart always cries out, "please, just one more glance back at dear old Mom!" And today it happened......a quick glance, a reassuring smile and a friendly wave only Morgan can give! And my heart melted! I am thrilled to know that I have a confident and secure child but thank you, Morgan, for reassuring Momma this morning with that special second glance!

Yesterday Merritt's preschool class made a trip to Arts on Fire, a local paint-your-own-pottery place. Morgan had her birthday party there one year but Merritt was two young to remember. With both sets of grandparents traveling, I knew I would be going solo. Although I love sharing all moments of both girls lives' with our families, I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with my girl!
Merritt had a different plan! She could do it all by herself and didn't even need the least bit of instruction or advice from me and was quick to let me know that! Once again, at that moment I should have rejoiced that Merritt had the confidence and security to do it on her own. But selfish mom emerged again and wanted to be needed or at least appreciated for being there!
All said, we had a good time and she created a colorful bunny sack that I'm sure in the near future will house some chocolate treats! Once it's fired and returned to us, she'll always be able to look at it say, "I did this all by myself!"
Merritt, only because I love you so much and can't stand to miss a second of your life will this Momma give you a second chance and go on another field trip! It might be with grandparent back-up, but I'll be there!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Merritt Knows a Grandmother When She Sees One!

One of Merritt's teachers, Mrs. Peterson, became a grandmother yesterday. Today, she brought pictures of her grandson to share with the class. As she was showing Merritt the pictures she said, "Here's the baby, here's the momma, here's the daddy and here's the grandmother!" When Merritt saw the picture of the grandmother holding the baby she got very excited and said, "Mrs. Peterson, that grandmother looks just like you!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear, Poppy!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Poppy! Happy Birthday to you! And many more! Thank you for blessing our lives! We love you! ~ Beth, Scott, Morgan and Merritt

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Takes a Long Time to Become a "De-dult", Right?

Merritt has learned a lot during our Tooth Fairy saga and was asking Morgan the other day if she had any "de-dult" teeth yet. Morgan showed her the two adult teeth that have come in and Merritt responded, "Oh, Morgan, you will be a de-dult soon!" She quickly told her, "No, I'm nowhere near 18!" Which Merritt responded, "Yes, it takes a long time to become a de-dult, right Momma?" Yes, Merritt, it does take a long time to become an adult, but it's happening much faster than this Momma wants it to or is ready for it to! I went on to tell her that Momma still feels like a little girl sometimes. Not sure she really bought that one! One day you'll both understand, anytime you're around your Momma and your Daddy, you'll always feel like our little girls! At least you will to us!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Blessings

An Irish blessing for you and yours....

May you always have...
Walls for the wind
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

These are my Irish blessings!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Way To Go Daddy!

Friday night Scott was given a Leadership Award recognizing 10 local leaders who have made a difference in our community! He did a beautiful job with his acceptance speech as he always amazes me with his ability to speak from his heart flawlessly with no notes! Impressive, I must say! Scott serves our community in many capacities giving of himself tirelessly and does so not for the accolades but because it is the right thing to do and he is a caring person. I know you were not in your comfort zone Friday night, but you deserved it! We are all so proud of you and the good works you do!

This is more your comfort zone! Congratulations from your biggest fan club! We love you ~ Beth & the M&Ms

Saturday Night Surprise

I hesitate to publish this post hoping you all don't think I have become addicted to pulling teeth! It still ranks at the top of my list of favorite things NOT to do but I was called to duty again on Saturday night! Unfortunately, with each new loose tooth, more anxiety! Morgan assures me that it doesn't hurt but her actions are just the opposite! After a little struggle with a difficult root we were able to celebrate another tooth pulling victory!

How did this come to be you ask? Considering my last tooth entry informed you all that there were no other loose teeth! Well, after a wonderfully lazy Saturday afternoon and evening, Morgan and I were lying on the couch watching TV. Suddenly, she said, "Is my tooth bleeding?" Sure enough, it was! She admitted that she had been wiggling it with her tongue and I guess snapped the easy root! She left the tough one for me to wrestle with! It was getting late and I was exhausted (more mentally than physically) so the tooth will go under the pillow tonight! I hope the Tooth Fairy can afford Morgan!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boxing Queen

Okay, I might not have used the best judgement today but after many rounds of Wii Tennis and Bowling, my Wii-itis (over use of upper extremities) began acting up and I agreed to allow Merritt to box for the first time! I think she's a natural; she knocked the Wii dude out seconds into the second round! Won't Daddy be proud!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainbows and Leprechauns

Merritt's class unit is Rainbows and Leprechauns this week. She has learned all about the colors in the rainbow (remember ROY G BIV?) and today had a potato sampling. She learned that she did not like potato salad although she didn't even taste it! Everything else was right up her alley: potato chips, mashed potatoes, french fries, tator tots, etc. She fits in with the average preschooler who states that their favorite vegetable is french fries!

In honor of learning about rainbows, I went out on a limb and baked a rainbow cake thanks to the idea from American Girl magazine. I'm pretty proud of myself! Not sure how it will taste but I know they will be excited to see the colors when the teacher cuts the cake!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You've Gotta Have Friends

Morgan's artwork was chosen again this year to go to ArtBreak, a local student art festival. This is a scan of a printed out picture of her piece so it doesn't do it justice at all! The title she chose for it is so sweet, "You've Gotta Have Friends!" She's right! What would we do without the love of friends and family!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Flies Again

Last night concluded our run on teeth pulling! I think I've got a little break for awhile, I hope! Four teeth in a few weeks was too much for Momma's nerves! Just when I thought I was safe, Morgan pointed out the top tooth on the left is a little loose as she started to wiggle it! I yelled, "Stop wiggling!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Move Over Mia Hamm!

Another successful morning on the soccer field! What a difference a week makes though! The temperature was probably 30 degrees warmer this weekend! In fact, we all came away rosy cheeked or pink legged! Both girls played well and both teams won! Merritt really hustled for her team and enjoyed celebrating a victory!

Morgan's team was down a player and she quickly offered to play the entire game! What a sport! She ran without ceasing, had lots of great blocks and helped her teammate by making the goal! After a well matched game, Morgan's team pulled off a victory! Way to go girls! We were all really proud of your efforts!

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Friday was Kite Day for Merritt's Preschool Gateway class and oh what fun we had! Merritt shared this exciting day with some of the women in her life; her mom, her Mumise, and her GranMe! Next year we will allow the men to enjoy all the fun of running trying to keep the kite in the sky! Mark your calendars Daddy, Poppy and Poppa, March 2010 Kite Day is all about the men in Merritt's life!

GranMe was great help and quite the professional! Now I know where Morgan and Merritt get the serious tongue help from!

Mumsie was lots of help getting the kite in the sky! Merritt had a kite-tastic time!

Where is my kite? Oh, there it is way up in the sky......it's flying the highest of them all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morgan's Time Line

For the final family project of 1st grade, Morgan had to complete a time line of her life. She was asked to choose 4-6 important moments of her life starting with her birth and ending with something current. As we discussed time lines and what her memorable moments would be she quickly told me that one of the moments had to be when she became a Big Sister! How sweet! Her other moments included her first Mardi Gras (at 5 weeks old), her first day of school, the loss of her first tooth (I know I'll never forget that or 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th) and concluded with her first violin recital! We had a great time working together but she really did most of the work! We are both proud of the finished product!

Isn't it great how life works, all of her most memorable moments would be on my life's timeline just as I'm sure other moments in my life would be on someone else's timeline! Thank you God for blessing us with family and friends to share our most memorable moments!

A "Twinkle" In Our Eye

Morgan participated in her first Suzuki Violin Graduation Awards Recital by successfuly performing the Violin Twinkle Variations. We were all so proud of our Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

Keep up the good work Morgan, you are pursuing a wonderful talent! We look forward to many more graduation recitals in your future!