Thursday, December 31, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

Our New Year's Eve celebration began at Mumsie and Poppa's with their traditional Fondue dinner. This definitely satisfied Morgan's new appetite for steak! She enjoyed cooking her own meat right at the table! It is a fun event that I always look forward to. After a delicious dinner we headed to the New Year's Eve performance of Willy Wonka.

After another great Oompa Loompa performance by Morgan and Merritt, we headed to GranMe and Poppy's for a little snack and fireworkin'! Scott, Morgan, Merritt and I had shopped under the tent earlier in the day and made our final selections. Daddy won with his "Pyro Package." We knew we'd be in for some fun with the menagerie that Daddy bought!

His "Pyro Package" put out some smoke at times!

These aren't your Momma's sparklers, Morgan!

Poppy, are you sure this is alright with the neighbors?

It didn't take long for the bravery to come out! I think Merritt was ready to go first but Morgan didn't want little sister to do something before she did! The Roman Candles were fun!

It's all fun and games until her hand slips and she aims right at the Momma with the camera! Daddy was quick to save the day and the lady behind the lens never saw it comin'!

Morgan and I shut down the party in the bathroom pulling her 8th tooth! Either I have become an expert or Morgan has become braver because it only took 5 minutes this time!

How appropriate to lose your 8th tooth a week before your 8th birthday!

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  1. What a great blog and memories for your children! Thanks for sharing your Family...looking forward to all the joy and adventures of 2010! A Jane