Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm a Wonka-er, Are You?

Peter Pan Players' production of Willy Wonka opened the day after Christmas with two of the cutest Oompa Loompas I know!

Merritt, a yellow Oompa Loompa

Morgan, a red Oompa Loompa sporting her Mike TeeVee glasses

Mumsie, Poppa and Aunt Nancy attended the opening night show

Momma and Daddy attended all of the productions where Momma became quite skilled in the art of Oompa Loompa make-up!

GranMe, Poppy and Ms. Jo shut down the performances and took Merritt home so Momma, Daddy and Morgan could "strike" the set!

Our Oompa Loompas enjoyed their holiday production!
Next up, The Little Mermaid!

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  1. You two were the stars of the play. I loved it. GranMe