Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

WOW! This year flew by! The older I get, the faster time seems to travel! It seems like I just started this blog and now I am in the process of making it a book for a keepsake for the girls!

As for my resolutions at the beginning of the year, I kept some, still have some to work on and am already looking forward to some new ones for 2010. My resolutions for 2009 went something like this:

1). Lose Weight ~ although this is not a completed goal by any stretch, I am happy to report that I am ending 2009 lighter than I began it!

2). Organize our home ~ work in progress...

3). Continue to exercise regularly ~ Although I have not been faithful since Thanksgiving, this is a resolution that I feel I kept the most! I have really enjoyed my mornings this year at the Y and am proud of my progress with my running efforts. 2009 saw me improve my 5K time and run my very first 10K. My friends tell me that I'm running a half-marathon in April! I better get my running shoes on!

4). Write more handwritten notes, not emails ~ If you were a lucky recipient of one of my handwritten notes, it probably arrived earlier in the year! This is one I would like to continue into 2010.

5). Be more patient with the girls ~ This is one I always want to continue because I always want to approach our children with patience. I will brag and tell you that since they began sharing a room at the very end of this year, we have seen much more sharing and cooperation between them. They seem to enjoy playing with one another now as Merritt begins to have more in common with Morgan!

6). Regular date night with Scott ~ Scott and I were really good about this until the summer and once school began again, we haven't gotten back into it on a regular basis.

7). Start my own blog ~ Woo Hoo! Accomplished! I have enjoyed putting my feelings in writing, documenting milestones, telling funny stories about the girls and sharing our lives with our friends and family far and near while making some new friends along the way! I know I haven't captured every memory this year, but I've captured way more than I missed!

2010 ~ I'm ready!


  1. You do such an awesome job with your blog! What a wonderful document of your sweet girl's lives. You definitely need to make a book of your blog. I did one for Henry's 1st year, and I love to look back over the past year!

  2. It was a great year and to quote Poppy, "It's a Wonderful Life."