Sunday, December 20, 2009

Festive Field Trip

Merritt's class took a field trip this week to the home of a retired teacher who fully decorates her home for Christmas each year! I was overwhelmed by all the decorations! She decorates every inch of her home! It is so decorated that they start in the summer getting ready! Made me feel a little guilty about all the decorations I opted out of this year! Not guilty enough to rush home and finish decorating, though!

The highlight of the trip was when she allowed each child to pick out a moveable decoration and push the button to see what it would do! When it was Merritt's turn, she quickly moved to the Bathtub Santa! The children all laughed as he rub-a-dub dubbed in the tub of bubbles! Merritt was so cute on her mission! She definitely had her eye on that one!

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