Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

We had the privilege of attending a 4th and final Thanksgiving feast at AC Steere Elementary. 2 years with Morgan and now the last 2 years with Merritt. What a treat! We're hoping to be honorary parents/grandparents and be invited back next year. With no other little ones in our home headed to this fabulous preschool program, we knew this would be it! We were not disappointed.

Merritt was honored to have 6 members of her family with her this year: Momma and Daddy, Mumsie and Poppa and Ms. Jo and GranMe. She was a little disappointed that Poppy couldn't make it but remembered he was there the year before!

Our favorite part of the day was the performance by Merritt and her 9 friends. What a sweet group they are! My favorite was ~ Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, what joy, what joy! When kin folk gather from far and near....... but the succulent turkey has gone quite bizerky yelling, "Can't you have hot dogs this year?"

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