Thursday, December 31, 2009


Christmas morning began at our house with stockings and presents!

Merritt was thrilled to get the most coveted Christmas toy of the year, Zhu Zhu pets and Morgan was without words when she opened her Nintendo DSi!

GranMe and Poppy came over to see what Santa brought and to have our traditional Christmas breakfast, sausage balls and Blueberry Coffee cake. The coffee cake was especially good this year. Next year I'll need to shadow GranMe in the kitchen so I can learn the secret!
GranMe and Poppy headed to Ms. Jo's for Christmas lunch as our little family enjoyed Christmas lunch together and created a new tradition, "Christmas Pasta." It's from the children's Paula Deen cookbook that Aunt Jane gave the girls. It's basically fettuccine. The girls loved it and have deemed it a keeper among recipes!

Christmas afternoon we headed over to Mumsie and Poppa's house to spend some time with them and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Billy and exchange gifts. Morgan got some more DSi games and Merritt received lots of new treats for her beauty shop. We played a few hysterical rounds of Christmas charades where Poppa won the award for funniest actor and then had a nice dinner before heading to the theater for dress rehearsal! Willy Wonka opens tomorrow night!
Christmas 2009 was a success! Lots of memories made, traditions continued and new ones begun!

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