Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st is the New 2nd!

I am officially the mother of a second grader! Wow, how did that happen! Seems like just yesterday sweet Morgan Emerson entered the world! Soon she will be starting her third year in her educational career!

We celebrated the end of her first grade year with a beach themed party. The children wore their bathing suits to school and had fun hula hooping, water balloon fighting, chalk drawing and doing a little pizza eating. As I told another parent, "Looks like organized chaos to me!"

I told Morgan about adult's age and how 40 is the new 30, etc. We both declared that today 1st is the new 2nd! Here's to a great first grade year and crossing fingers for a successful second grade year! Summer here we come!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our "Moving" Star

Scott and I might not be Mr. and Mrs. Howell and Morgan might not be Mary Ann, but Merritt is definitely the "Moving" Star....

The other night Merritt appeared in a similar outfit plus her sunglasses and asked me, "Momma, do I look like a "moving" star?" I responded, "Yes, Merritt, you do! Could I have your autograph?" She quickly replied, "Yes!" And then a little perplexed said, "But where is it? Up in my room?" Voila, excellent opportunity to learn a new word!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A "Bee" and "B-flat" Saturday

Today was a "Bee" and "B-flat" kind of Saturday but I would give it an A! We began the morning at Merritt's ballet recital where she performed beautifully as a buzzy bee! After lunch at our usual Saturday spot, we headed straight to Morgan's violin recital!

She did a beautiful job performing 5 songs from memory! After the cookies and punch reception, we did some quick shopping and then headed home for naps (at least that was my plan). The girls and their daddy had other plans! The pool opened today and they couldn't miss it! They got in about a 20-minute swim before rain showers came into the area. They were fine with having to come home but I think they are planning on a repeat performance on Sunday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday List

We will be celebrating Merritt's 4th birthday in less than a month. Family and friends have begun asking what she might like for her birthday. She decided to make a list today (see above). She was consistent with most of her wishes: baby dolls, books, DVDs, etc but included some interesting quite creative suggestions as well. Notice the middle of the page, the triangular shape ~ that's a tee pee, preferably life-size. It would be perfect she said to play in, read books and take naps! Okay, Merritt, I'll buy one for every room in the house if it comes with a "2-hour a day nap" guarantee! She would also like a TV and a DVD player for her room. Maybe if I get a new flat screen for my room, you can have my old one! My very favorite suggestion is the bottom right hand corner ~ the square shape with many triangles in it. That's a jar of chocolates (Hershey kisses to be exact) and she specified that they are to be kept in her room! That's my girl!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

M Is For Momma

I have many identities~daughter, sister, friend, granddaughter, wife, neighbor, volunteer, Sunday school teacher~ and the list goes on. These days my favorite identity, though, has to be Morgan and Merritt's Momma! Funny how time changes things. Growing up I couldn't stand being referred to as Amy's little sister or the preacher's kid. I just wanted to be Beth! A little age and maturity has allowed me to proudly wear the "Amy's little sister" pin and I love telling people that Rev. is my daddy. But the title I shall never tire of hearing is Momma! Nothing tops hearing classmates say, "There's Morgan's mom" or, "Merritt, your mom's here!" I can only hope that my two M&Ms will be half as proud of their Momma as I will always be of them! You two are the brightness in my days always able to put a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart! Thanks for another grand Mother's day! Although, with you two as my daughters, everyday seems like Mother's day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soccer With 2,000 Fans!

Merritt's soccer team was asked to play during half-time at our arena football team's game. They played a 5-minute demonstration game and her team won 2-0! She got a couple of good kicks in and had a great time! Merritt has come a long way since the fall season when we all took turns holding her hand running up and down the field! Tonight she played in style in front of 2,000+ fans! The crowd really got into it, cheering and clapping for both teams! Way to go, soccer star!

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Bee" Is For Ballet

Merritt's ballet recital is in a few weeks and today she had her picture taken at the dance studio. I thought she looked bee-autiful! Her debut recital and final recital might be one in the same! Ballet has not been her favorite activity which is unfortunate because she seems pretty good at it! Although, as the ballet season winds down, she seems to be enjoying it more and more. We'll see, we still might have a ballerina in our midst! Regardless, she makes one precious busy bee! Looking forward to your ballet debut, Merritt!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Unexpected Moments of Motherhood

The life of a Mother is filled with so many different kinds of moments.....happy, sad, proud, nervous, anxious, frustrated, joyful, tiring....and the list goes on. It's the unexpected ones that I find so much joy in. They grab my heart and bring overflowing joy to my eyes as they settle in my throat like a big lump. I had one of those moments yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't revel in my tears and soak up the moment completely because I was driving the car! A quick wipe of the eyes and a hard swallow ended the moment, but it will live on in my heart always! Thanks, Merritt, for the unexpected early Mother's day gift! So what happened, you ask? We were headed to the dermatologist to clear up eczema and have a never too early check of freckles and moles. (With melanoma in the family, a Mother can never be too careful!) Out of the blue, a quiet, sweet voice said, "Momma, I sure did miss you!" "Oh, Merritt, I sure did miss you, too!" I said. She went on to say, "I missed you every night for 5 nights!" And then quietly all most in a whisper she said, "And 5 nights is a really long time!" In those nervous, anxious, frustrated and tiring moments, I hope this unexpected moment comes to the surface and allows me to revel in it again!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye Florida Keys, Hello Car Keys

I returned this afternoon from a 5 day stay in the Florida Keys after traveling with my grandmother to visit her daughters. It was a fun mother/daughter reunion that I am appreciative of joining! We had a nice and relaxing time, visiting, eating, reading and of course, shopping! I am very fortunate to have a husband who can keep the girls' lives on schedule without missing a beat! I'm pretty sure they missed me though!

Thanks to Aunt Jane and Uncle Rick for being their usual super-hosting selves! I always have so much fun in your company! Next time I come it will be with Scott and the girls! Maybe Merritt can have her chance at flying!

So tonight, I bid adieu to the Florida Keys and pick up my car keys as I begin my carpooling duties again! I'd tell you about the Rum Runners but remember, "What happens in the Keys, stays in the Keys!"