Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Wishes Do Come True!

How lucky can you be? Celebrating your 44th birthday while watching with 150 million others as the New Orleans Saints make history! Thank goodness for King Cake and birthday wishes!

The smoke was still in the air from Scott's birthday candles when the Saints began to take control of Super Bowl 44!

The girls had a great time cheering on the Saints with their Daddy!


Merritt says, "Who Dat's #1!"

What an amazing night! I'll never forget where I was for Super Bowl 44 or how I celebrated Scott's 44th birthday! Drew Brees woke up this morning and asked his wife, "Did it really happen?" I Believe Dat it happened and as I continue to hear weather reports expecting 3 inches of snow this week I'm beginning to believe the old saying about if the Saints ever win the Super Bowl what might freeze over!