Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Cookies

My Granddad Rhoads was an excellent baker and his specialty was Gingerbread boys. They were so good, it has been told that I turned down a free Gingerbread boy at a local bakery telling the baker, "No thank you, my Granddad makes the best!" I guess he passed along his love of baking because I have baked Christmas cookies with my mom and sister as far back as I can remember. I have passed this tradition along to Morgan and Merritt and my Aunt Jane helped perfect the tradition this year with the girls' Christmas present of baking tools, a Paula Deen cookbook, their own aprons and a scrap book and recipe cards for them to create their own special cookbook to treasure for years!

The artist in Morgan took decorating the cookies very seriously!

Merritt was very careful with her decorating too!

She was especially proud of her Christmas angel!

This year the girls added their own tradition of a Christmas tea party to enjoy their delicious creations! They ate Christmas cookies and drank lemonade from Christmas china!

*For years I have left Santa a special cookie, the "Hawaiian Santa", which is Santa on vacation in Hawaii complete with a Hawaiian shirt! This cookie was again created this year but was quickly eaten before I could snap a picture! Maybe next year!

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