Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday School Christmas Party

Another tradition of ours is our Sunday School Christmas Party for a local children's group. Scott and I have been part of our Sunday School for 12 years and the party was going on before we joined the group so this is a long standing Christmas tradition for us. It is actually one of the highlights of the season for me and Scott.

This year we sponsored a sweet 6th grader who was actually a student at Morgan's school last year. We were all excited to make that connection. She was very appreciate of her gifts and the girls enjoyed watching her open them. When we left the party, Morgan told me that she felt really good inside. I explained to her that she was feeling the joy of giving rather than receiving! Merritt wasn't as sure about attending a Christmas party where she opened no gifts but still had a nice time! I look forward to many more celebrations in the future as my girls continue to learn to give rather than receive!

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