Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Birds and The Bees

After lunch yesterday, Morgan brought up the day Merritt was born. Being an emergency C-section, it was quite the event! Hearing Morgan's recollection and retelling from a 3 year old's perspective was fun. Merritt replied, "Sounds like the world stopped the day I was born!" It sure did! At least for your family!

This conversation led to Morgan asking how a woman knows it's time for the baby to be born. I tried to explain contractions and "water breaking" in a simple way! Whew! This led to Merritt asking, "Do you have to have a husband to have a baby?" Note to self and children: Save these conversations for when Momma isn't driving! I took a deep breath and said, "No, you don't have to have a husband to have a baby but in our family, we would like for you to have one before you have a baby!" She replied, "So, you don't have to have a husband to have a baby." "No, Merritt, you don't have to have a husband but it does take both a man and a woman to have a baby." Morgan quickly interrupted, "Can we stop this conversation before it goes too far! Mom's not ready to have the "birds and the bees" talk with us and I'm not ready to hear it!"

"Thank you, Morgan!" a relieved Momma replied!

Morgan, you also helped me realize now isn't the time to give you the All About Me book I just bought!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Things

Found this recent school work of Merritt's which of course made me smile!
I love that I made the list, sort of! Even though Mom's macaroni and cheese comes in a certain blue and yellow box! So, what are your Good Things? Merritt pretty much covers what would make my list: nature, accessories, food, celebrations, friends and best of all, family!

Love Hurts

Merritt begins every morning the same; breakfast and playtime with her buddy Max! The first morning of Spring Break was no different. As they had their morning tussle, Max nipped at Merritt. She quickly replied, "I love you Max but sometimes love hurts!"

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Love You Like...

Yesterday, a dear friend and mentor to Scott lost his son-in-law in a brutal and cruel way. As I struggle to make sense of this, I stumbled across some of Morgan's recent school work. When someone's life is cut short, it shakes me to the core and makes me realize how precious our moments are and how much I oh so love my family! Morgan summed it up better than I will ever be able to!

I Love You Like...
By Morgan

I love you like bunnies love to hop.
I love you like Mrs. Lott loves to shop.

I love you like a monkey loves a vine.
I love you like a star loves to shine.

I love you like pages love a book.
I love you like a fisherman loves a hook.

I love you like ink loves a printer.
I love you like mittens love winter.

I love you like sand loves the beach.
I love you like a teacher loves to teach.

I love you like a kid loves good grades.
I love you like a bed loves to be made.

I love you like the wind loves to blow.
I love you like the stars love to glow.

I love you like a flower loves petals.
I love you like a runner loves medals.

I love you like a boat loves sailing.
I love you like a letter loves mailing.

I love you like a winter day loves to be chilly.
I love you like a clown likes to be silly.

I love you like cats love mice.
I love you like lemonade loves ice.

Wow! My children continue to amaze me each and every day! Thank you Morgan for these special ways to say, "I love you." And oh how I love you and my family and my friends! Thank you for reminding me that we need to tell one another we love them and for giving me fun ways to say it!