Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Answer: To have dinner with Merritt!
Merritt won a "Color the Chicken" coloring contest sponsored by our local newspaper. She was one of four winners who were invited to come have a chicken dinner with the Famous Chicken prior to his performance at the baseball game. Morgan and and I were lucky enough to be her invited guests. Daddy would have been there had he not had class tonight! We felt a little funny about eating chicken but he assured Merritt it was fine as long as we weren't eating any of his friends!

Our group only consisted of 11 people so we really had the chicken all to ourselves. He took pictures, signed autographs and even talked to us! I think Morgan was most surprised that he actually talked. I guess she's accustomed to the silent characters at Disney World!

We had a great time, lots of laughs and many tricks pulled by the Famous Chicken. He's still got it even after all these years! Rumor has it this might be his final season so I am thrilled the girls got to experience a fun and fond memory of my childhood! Sorry Daddy couldn't join us, though!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleeping Beauty and the Ladybug

Sleeping Beauty opened last night to a full house! It's a great production! Very entertaining. Of course at our house we think the production should be called Sleeping Beauty and the Ladybug because we know the cutest ladybug there is! Good Show, Morgan! You amaze me with your confidence! Keep performing!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Daddy and His Princesses

Hope you enjoyed your day with your girls! Your hands-on approach is not only helpful to me but important for the girls to see a loving, nurturing father! Thank you for all you do to make our life even "richer"! We love you!

40 Years of Fatherhood

I think today marked my Dad's 41st Father's Day! I'll have to ask him or my statistician sister, they are better at math! He put me on the spot at lunch today, taking a suggestion from this morning's sermon. What characteristic describes your father? He started the conversation off, remembering his father, my granddad that I only knew for 4 short years. As it quickly became my turn, I was very lost for words. Not that I don't have many memories of my father, they just weren't coming to me!

Hope this makes up for my lack of words this afternoon ~ Daddy, your character is what makes the biggest impression on me. Not an unkind word could be spoken about you. Your honesty and integrity are well above the norm! I often joke about your inability to lie even on my wedding day when the videographer was a no show. As one of my bridesmaids asked me if the wedding would be videoed, I'll never forget your head shaking out of the corner of my eye. As I turned to you with tears I said, "Daddy, just once in your life, couldn't you lie!" My tears quickly dried as you and my friends reminded me that the best video will be my memories. Although I wished you had lied at that moment, thank you for staying true to yourself because that moment, that lesson, has lived on in my heart. My hope is that my children can one day say the same about me. Although they've got me on the Santa Claus thing!

Thank you for always putting us first, making sure all our needs were met. I always thought we were rich, never feeling like we went without. I now know we weren't "rich" in material things but you and mom made sure that we were "rich" in the areas that mattered!

You set the standard high and because of you and your example, I have the best husband and father to my children! The only way I could repay you for that is to raise my girls so that they too will have a "rich" life!

Even though I haven't been a part of all 41 Father's days, one thing I know for sure, today was your best Father's day ever! Just like next year will be your best Father's Day ever!

How 'bout those Indians,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blueberry Pickin'

GranMe and Poppy took us blueberry picking one day this week. It was a fun outing for the cousins and adults alike! I don't think I've ever been blueberry picking! The kids had a great time pickin' and eatin' the berries! Sometimes there was more eatin' going on than pickin'! I guess the blueberry farm factors that in when they determine the price of a kid's bucket!

Morgan was very methodical in her approach and wound up with the fullest bucket!

Merritt worked carefully in the shade and on the low branches. She liked to find spaces Morgan was too big to get in to pick!

Jacob was very careful to only pick the blue ones!

And very carefully only ate the blue ones!

Thanks GranMe and Poppy for a new experience! Although the girls have been before, this was a first for Jacob and Aunt Beth!

Merritt told Poppy he needed to know 2 things before they went to the blueberry farm ~ #1 "I don't like blueberries and #2 I don't like popsicles!" I think we've won her over to the blueberry side but she still won't give a popsicle a chance! Maybe next year!

Cousin Comes To Town

Cousin Jacob has been with us all week! What fun we had but were sad to see him head home this afternoon. So glad his mom's home office is only 3 hours away. This is the second summer he has flown with her and we have picked him up and brought him home with us for the week. Looks like a tradition in the making to me! Thanks for sharing him with us, Amy and Joe. Many memories were made this week! Hope he had just as much fun!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Surprise From the Beginning

Dear Merritt,

Fours years ago today you joined our family. Your entrance into this world should have been a clue; you have been a surprise from the beginning! Mommy and Daddy wanted another child but God added you to our family sooner than we thought He would! You were to be a July baby just like Momma but you and the doctors decided June was a better month for you! June 13, 2005 proved to be a very lucky and healthy day for Merritt Elizabeth! Many friends and family members were present for your birth, even 2 great-grandmothers!

Although I was already a Momma to Morgan, you have made me a better parent. I am more patient and understanding because of you (at least I hope that I am). Although you say that Daddy is your best buddy, I will always be a champion for you since I too understand what it's like to be a little sister! You have played a very special role in the making of our family. You have completed us! It's hard to remember life before you were a part of this family and unimaginable to think of life without you! You are the bright spot in the day for so many of us!

May your zest for life continue to grow!

May your knowledge and understanding of fashionable shoes continue! You have already learned 2 valuable lessons ~ If the shoe fits, wear it. If it's cute but hurts, still wear it! You learned this lesson just this week when you picked out your first pair of flip flops. You told me, "I really love them but they really hurt!" I told you to keep wearing them, you would get used to them. The next day you announced, "They still hurt, but I'm getting used to them!"

May your adventurous spirit find you on many adventures in your lifetime. And may you bring dear 'ole Mom on one or two of your adventures! So far you've allowed me to travel on many a camp out in our living room! Thanks to Mumsie and Poppa for the new tent! We have many more adventures ahead of us! Thanks to GranMe and Poppy for the camera to document those adventures!

May your sweet spirit and kind heart continue to brighten others and put a smile on their face! God has something special planned for you and I am blessed to watch it unfold! May God continue to give Momma and Daddy the patience, love and understanding so that we may be able to equip you for your greatness!

Thank you for blessing my life daily!
I love you all around the world and back,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make-Overs & Manicures

Our summer has already seen many make-overs and manicures! Merritt is definitely a girly girl, loving to put on makeup and have her nails painted! If only she would allow them to be "snip snipped!" She's got some claws on her! She created the above look all on her own. Complete with a chocolate beauty mark! I swear, that child always has chocolate on her somewhere!

During our most recent manicure, we got a call from Mimi needing some help with my grandmother, Ms. Jo. I told Merritt we needed to go to Ms. Jo's to help her a little bit. Remembering Ms. Jo's recent fall, Merritt replied, "She's not on the floor again, is she?" I told her, "No, she just needs a little help." I'm not sure what Merritt thought we were being asked to do but as we were hurrying out the door she said, "Wait a minute, I think I'll need this" as she grabbed her pretend cleaning supplies!
As I am typing this, I have realized that only one hand is painted. I either need to go find some finger nail polish remover or ask for another manicure appointment with Merritt. As I try to decide what I want to do next in life, I might consider being a manicurist. Merritt says I'm really good at painting nails since I can stay in the lines! Come to think of it, when it comes to painting nails, Merritt's not so good at staying in the lines so I think I'll go find that finger nail polish remover!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wasted Air

Riding around in the new car we came a cross a corner with lots of yard art! So much that I assume it was a display in hopes of selling some of it! Thinking the girls would get a kick out of all the blown up items, I pointed it out to them. Morgan quickly responded, "Looks like a lot of wasted air, to me!" My thoughts exactly, Morgan!

Friday, June 5, 2009

"We Got It All!"

The transmission in Scott's Explorer began "slipping" the night of Memorial Day. He discovered this after taking his final exam in one of his more difficult MBA classes. The cost to repair it turned out to be more than the car was worth! We had been thinking about getting a new car this summer but now finding ourselves in the situation of having to buy one makes for many emotional moments!
We started the process by doing a little internet research and narrowed it down to the car lots we wanted to peruse. This past Sunday, we walked the empty lots checking out window stickers. After dropping Merritt off for church camp on Monday morning, the rest of the clan headed to do a little test-driving. After a couple of models, we all agreed on the same one. Now comes the negotiating. Morgan and I headed to pick up Merritt while Daddy did the negotiating.
In the meantime, a friend of mine suggested we look at her newly purchased Chevrolet Traverse. She had test-driven most SUVs/Crossovers on the market and settled on the Traverse. I took a look at hers and was SOLD. Back to the drawing board. We test-drove one on Wednesday and brought it home that night!
We are all pleased with the new addition to our family and are already planning several trips! Merritt sums up the purchase well: "We got it all, Momma! Cup holders, a very back seat, air, and white!"