Thursday, April 2, 2009

Like Sister, Like Sister......Not Quite!

I love the similarities in my two girls but I adore the differences! The other night is a perfect example of how different they are! After running carpool and shuffling girls to their after-school activities, my brakes began to "act" up! They still worked but it took a lot of effort on my part to get the car completely stopped! I still had to pick up Merritt from my grandmother's before heading home. Morgan and I decided it would be best to stay there until Scott was able to come and drive my car home.

After a fun evening with Ms. Jo, Scott came over to switch cars with me and drive mine home. Being a little nervous that the car would act completely fine for me, I was secretly glad when he called my cell phone to change plans. The car was not driving well for him either and we decided to head straight to the repair shop to leave it there for them to look at in the morning. I told the girls the change of plans and Morgan quickly teared up, worried about her daddy. She said, "I'm so worried that Daddy will wreck the car." Turning around to reassure her, I saw Merritt turning around in her car seat, straining to see out the back window. She quickly said, "Morgan, it's okay, Daddy's way back there! He can't hit our car!"

Laughing on the inside, I realized how wonderful it is to see their two perspectives of situations and how different they really are! They are both sweet children but Morgan is definitely our sensitive one! Merritt is our independent fireball! We are blessed to have both!

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  1. This reminds me of an Amy and Beth story.