Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, Rounds 6 & 7

Easter Egg Hunt 6 was held at a local park sponsored by our church. The girls had a great time hunting eggs, eating hot dogs and being with family! Even Poppy got a kick out of meeting the Easter bunny! We hope he remembers to hop on over to our house tonight!

Easter Egg hunt 7 was a birthday party that Merritt attended in honor of her friend Olivia! She had a great time playing with all her school friends and hunting eggs in their beautiful yard! She was even surprised to see her teachers there! While we were eating cake we discussed Easter traditions that her friends' families have. Morgan has decided this year we need to help the Easter bunny out and leave our baskets outside for him to fill so we decided to ask around to find out what other families do. The consensus at this party was that baskets are left on the kitchen table for the Easter bunny to fill. What's your family tradition?
No matter how you celebrate, may tomorrow be a glorious day as we are reminded of the greatest gift ever given! Happy Easter!


  1. We're just making our family traditions, since this is really the first year that Jacob (age 2 1/2) is old enough to be interactive with Easter. We've decided to leave our Easter baskets on the coffee table. And we're going to leave our dyed eggs in the basket for the Easter Bunny to have as treats (much like Santa and cookies), and we hope the Bunny will leave some treats for us in return. Happy Easter, all!

  2. Which is it the camera loves Merritt or Merritt loves the camera!! I'll say it again.. you have beautiful dauthers!! A Jane