Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Hunt, Round 8 ~ Rain Out!

When I woke Merritt up this morning she excitedly said, "Is this the day we have an egg hunt in our front and back yard?" "Uh-oh," I quickly thought, that means 9 egg hunts this year!

Thanks to rain, #9 didn't even have to be organized and #8 was moved in doors at the club while we ate lunch. The Easter Bunny just walked around and handed out eggs. My kind of hunt!

Feeling very full and very tired from all the family activities, Scott and I realize how blessed we are! He grew up all over the world away from his grandparents. I lived a great distance from mine and saw them a couple of times a year. How grateful we are that our children ate lunch today with both sets of grandparents before heading over to their great grandmother's house for more Easter treats! For priceless memories, I'll take this kind of tired any day!

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  1. Love the picture. Bet you love the hunts are over until next year! What next!? A Jane