Sunday, April 26, 2009

Field Day Friday

Merritt participated in her first Field Day on Friday. The afternoon began with open ceremonies which included the firing of a real cannon. We then had a picnic lunch followed by the relay events. Morgan had already prepared her for the day assuring her that everyone would be a winner! She even described the ribbons to Merritt telling her exactly how many red ribbons and blue ribbons she would get as well as the green participation ribbon with an alligator on it! Morgan and her memory never cease to amaze me!

After lunch Merritt asked her Daddy, "When are we going to get on the bus?" Her teacher provides so many enrichment opportunities which consist of several field trips a month. Surely field day must require a bus too!

The indoor relays were first and Merritt was the lead position for the tricycle race! She can no longer fool us with not being able to pedal her own tricycle! She looked like Lance Armstrong! The only thing slowing her down was the quick looks over her shoulder to make sure her opponent was still way behind her! Too bad I missed the photo opportunity of her giving me the thumbs up as she rounded the cone for the final stretch!

We then headed outdoors for some horse riding and baton racing! She was a champ at both! The weather was beautiful with a nice breeze!

Here's the star with all her blue and red ribbons! Morgan you were right, she got 3 of each! Not that I ever doubted you!

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  1. She can do it all! And look good doing it! Must run in our family......A Jane