Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The day finally arrived! We have prepared for Easter thoroughly! With all the egg hunts, candy and treats, I was getting a little anxious that the girls weren't getting the true message of Easter! Morgan put my mind at ease. The girls were anxious to see what their Mumsie and Poppa had given them. Morgan excitedly said something about more treats and I said something about that being what Easter was about (sarcastically) and she quickly said, "Oh no, Momma....Easter is about Jesus dying on the cross for us and his resurrection!" Cha-Ching! She gets it! Now we need to work on Merritt, the chocolate bunny queen!

After seeing what the Easter bunny brought, we dressed for church and headed out the door to a gloomy morning greeting us. We got to Sunday school before the rain but heading to the church service we all commented how it looked like night time! Sitting in the service one could feel the uneasiness. A tornado came through our town on Thursday night coming downtown near our church. The atmosphere was well-suited for a repeat performance and many of us were a little uncomfortable. I relaxed a little when I noticed Scott scanning the radar on his Blackberry. At least I knew we would know what was coming before it arrived! Before the sermon, our minister announced that the ushers confirmed the storm was moving more north of us. I think the congregation collectively exhaled at the same time! Whew, now I could concentrate on the meaning of the day, although I felt a little guilty about feeling unsafe in the place I should feel the safest!

The children's message was right on this morning giving an excellent analogy using an empty Easter egg and comparing it to the empty tomb!

After church we headed to lunch where we were joined by Scott's parents affectionately know as Mumsie and Poppa! We all had a great time being together!

After lunch we stopped by Ms. Jo's to wish her a Happy Easter! Uncle John had just left after eating lunch with her. He left behind the biggest most exciting girly Easter baskets you've ever seen! I told the girls that Uncle John did better than the Easter bunny! They replied, "he sure did!" I'll be sure and send a message to the Easter bunny to "hop" to it next year! Maybe he's experiencing the recession!


  1. Whose the lady with the lovely hat?

  2. What beautiful family pics! Love the "Easter Bonnet" too! :)