Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Daughter, A Daddy Plus Their Caddy

The weather finally cooperated this afternoon allowing Morgan and her Daddy to play 3 holes of golf! Merritt and I joined them for the final hole before heading into the clubhouse for dinner! They had a good time and Merritt was thrilled to carry Morgan's tee and ball. Morgan was thrilled to have her own personal caddy. It was all fun and games until the caddy didn't get to tee off! Do you think Tiger's caddy acts that way too?


  1. Merritt don't we all want our day in the sun? I'm sure Tiger's caddy has had these feelings but I am sure Merritt expressed her disdain with more feeling.

  2. Merritt is learning all about team work and collaboration! Tough lessons, for sure. But the caddy is essential inmaking sure her golfer has just what she needs for success. Way to go Merritt! And Morgan looks like she had excellent form, good job!

    You really should print these out and frame them for Scott, what a special round of golf this was for him (maybe not his best scoring round, but I bet it was his favorite!).