Friday, April 17, 2009

Come Quick, Momma's Pretending To Be a Man!

Today was my regular haircut which has become a ritual in our household because it is always followed by a girl's night with my best friend, Karen. Being Spring Break, Scott took some time off to be with his girls and relax. Today he was playing volleyball with the Downtown Y group and wouldn't be home before my appointment so the girls went with me knowing Daddy would pick them up at the beauty shop.
While I was getting my hair shampooed I decided it was time to have my upper lip waxed. Morgan and Merritt kept coming into the room to check on me. Once the lip waxing began, Merritt peeked her head in. With Momma in full green wax moustache, I tried to convince her I was okay. She ran out the room yelling to Morgan, "Come quick, Momma's pretending to be a man!"


  1. so funny! I dont know how i would have explained that one!

  2. Now why isn't this blog entry accompanied by any pictures?!? LOL!