Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, Rounds 4 & 5

Both girls had egg hunts at their schools Thursday morning. It was a wonderful way to spend the last day of school before Spring Break! Morgan's teacher is moments away from having her second child so we planned a surprise shower for her. After the children found their eggs, we surprised her with a bassinet full of presents. 80 first graders looked precious hopping down the trail into the local park down the street from their school!
I was able to "hop" on over to Merritt's school just in time to see them playing on their playground following their egg hunt. Scott was there to help Merritt find her eggs, although she needed no help! She was the first one to find all her eggs and then helped her classmates. To make both egg hunts more educational and last longer, both girls had to find eggs numbered (1-8 for Morgan and 1-12 for Merritt).

Our church egg hunt is Saturday and Merritt has been invited to a birthday party/egg hunt on Saturday which will make rounds 6 & 7. Easter Sunday our family will eat together at our country club which will also include an egg hunt, Round 8! Whew! I need to research the history of these egg hunts and how they got started! To quote a favorite comedian of ours, "Jesus is coming, Quick hide the eggs!" Theologian Morgan tells me that we hunt eggs because they are a symbol of life and Jesus brings us new life! Happy Easter, may you find your eggs and your new life!

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  1. Have fun at all of the egg hunts! The fun of Easter.