Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Will the Tooth Fairy Be Flying Tonight?

Morgan lost her first tooth a little over a year ago. What a morning that was! Daddy was in a meeting and Momma had to pull it! Thanks to her morning waffle, it fell out in my hand!

Now the top two are loose, the right one more than the left! We have had several attempts but no luck, yet! Morgan's principal has even gotten in on the act! He gave her a homework assignment to keep wiggling! Hopefully it won't be long!

For my sake I hope it happens at school! I'm the girl who had all her teeth pulled by the dentist because no one else was allowed inside my mouth! Sorry, Mom and Dad, how expensive was that? I'm excited to see how the new space will change her appearance! It's tough watching my girls grow up! Each milestone is bitter sweet!


  1. Good luck with the tooth fairy. Morgan looks cute with or with out a tooth missing! A Jane

  2. Those little gap tooth smailes just make me smile, but like you said, it means they are growing up. :( Good luck with that tooth!