Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Waiting and Wiggling

We haven't received a certificate from the Tooth Fairy yet! Still waiting and wiggling! Sorry, GranMe and Poppy if it happens when Morgan is with you this weekend! I hear the tooth fairy pays more when teeth fall out at the grandparents' house!

Merritt has gotten in on the action too. The other night when Scott attempted to pull the tooth, Merritt was all eyes and ears. I kept trying to shoo her out of the room but she kept sneaking back in. Scott's hands are so big that he needed a jar opener to try and grip the tooth. It worked on the last tooth but no luck that night.

The next day as we were heading to school Merritt, with a gleam in her eye, asked Morgan, "Do you got your jar opener? You can't lose your tooth without your jar opener! And if you don't lose your tooth, you won't get any money!" Little sisters sure can be a pain, right Aunt Amy?

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  1. Little sisters can sometimes be a pain, but I hear they are great at front teeth removal! :-P