Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Is Where My Family Is

Thanks to my aunt's mailing mishap, I got to stop by our first home to pick up some mail. The newest couple to start their lives in that home invited me in for a tour. The girls were in the car and truth be told, I'm not sure my heart could have handled it so I declined. What I could see of the house though was beautiful! I thought about our old house alot that night wondering if we should have ever moved! The history that we made there; kind of made me sad until I realized it doesn't matter where we live as long as we are together!

The next day after realizing I hadn't shared with Merritt that she was sitting in the driveway of our first home, I started telling her about it. How it was the home Momma and Daddy bought before they were even married. How Morgan came home from the hospital to that house just 2 days after she was born. She wanted to know if she came home from the hospital to that house too. I explained that no, we had moved into GranMe and Poppy's house for a few years and that's where she was born. She said, "then we moved to the White and Black house, right?" I told her she was correct (our house is white with black shutters). She went on to say, "then when Morgan and I are bigger, we will move to a different house, right?" I told her that we hope not. "When Momma and Daddy bought this house we planned to stay! We might make the house bigger but we plan to stay!" She thought about that for a few minutes and then replied, "yes, but when we get old like Ms. Jo we move into an apartment, right?" If we're lucky and healthy, yes, Merritt, we will live in an apartment just like Ms. Jo!
Note: Ms. Jo is my grandmother who has lived in our town for four years. I am so blessed to share the same city with 4 generations of my family! My children are so blessed to grow up surrounded by parents, 2 sets of grandparents and 1 great-grandmother! Morgan is blessed to have memories of her other great-grandmother, Great Gran who passed away this past summer.


  1. Agreed!!! Home is where your family is....I just wish we could be closer to more of our family. Y'all are awfully lucky!

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