Monday, February 9, 2009

Tooth Fairy Hurry Up!

I'm sure the Tooth Fairy is shining her wings and reloading her special flying glitter dust but I doubt she'll make an appearance tonight! Friday morning as Scott and I were leaving town, I discovered the wool had definitely been pulled over my eyes! Morgan's two bottom teeth are far looser than the top! When I asked her why she hadn't shown me those teeth her response was, "You would have pulled them!" She's not yet figured out that I am more scared than she is!No tooth duty needed by the grandparents this weekend, though!

Ironically, last week in school Morgan studied Dental Health. Her friend, Athan's dad is an orthodontist and he provided the whole class with toothbrushes. One day she did the above watercolor of the tooth fairy. Loosing a tooth or four would have been an exciting end to their Health unit. No such luck! Scott is out of town tonight but when he gets back tomorrow, I'm sure the jar opener will come out! Watch out, Morgan! Go visit your principal before your daddy gets home! No jar opener and you get a special tooth necklace! Who could ask for anything more?

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