Saturday, February 28, 2009

Merritt the Daredevil!

Merritt attended her best friend's birthday party this afternoon! It warms my heart because her best friend, Lauryn's mom and I are friends! It was a great birthday party because Lauryn's mom and I realized we have many of the same friends through the years! I saw on of my first best friends today with her two children as well as high school friends and their children! It was so wonderful to see 6 degrees of separation in the works! Merritt had a great time with her best friend! When I asked her why Lauryn was her best friend she replied, "Because I like to hang out with her!" Pretty good reason, I think!


  1. Priceless expression on Merritt's face! (You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it to truly appreciate it).

  2. Who knew Merritt was such a sports fan..and she plays soccer with a bow in her hair! What a busy life she leads from checking out construction to swinging across a pool. Morgan it's all about you and those teeth...can't wait until next weeks game when we see you on the field (bows or ponytail?)Love A Jane