Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Funny Valentines!

We had a great Valentine's day! It began with a party at Merritt's school and ended with a Mardi Gras parade! Busy day!
Merritt even got a valentine from an older man! Cooper, who is 5, gave her a sweet little puppy stuffed animal that he picked out all by himself! Merritt accepted it very shyly but since has showed it to everyone proudly saying that Cooper gave it to her! Morgan got lots of treats from her friends and the ipod candy heart boxes were a hit (thanks Jennifer for the idea)!


  1. This is Mimi/GranMe and I want to read something every day.

  2. The girls look so cute with their Valentine outfits. I don't remember ever seeing Morgan in pigtails before, and I like it! Jacob wore red, but they just don't make cute outfits with hearts for boys :-) We are continuing to enjoy the Barney Valentine DVD, even after the holiday. Thanks again for the care package. We love you guys!

    Amy -

    P.S. I can't believe that Mimi/GranMe knows how to post!

  3. Mimi can also read what others post.

  4. They don't give us credit do they....we raised them. Yes I'm talking to you. A Jane