Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear God, Let the Tooth Fairy Have A Vacation!

I have spent 3 hours out of the last 48 hours trying to convince a 7 year old why it's in her best interest to let her momma pull her teeth! What a weekend! Being a mother is definitely the best job I've ever had but also the most difficult! I prayed without ceasing for two healthy children and God blessed us with both! I never thought about the years following birth. As we continue to hit the milestones in both girls' lives, I am reminded that the worrying and praying don't end at birth. In fact, they never end!

I've also realized that as a mother you do many things for your children that you never even did for yourself! How can the little girl who went to the dentist to have every tooth pulled now be the expert tooth puller in her home? By the grace of God and because of the love for a child is the only way I can explain it!

Dear God, thank you for the patience this weekend and the strength to do the unthinkable! But please, no more loose teeth for awhile! Amen!

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  1. What a weekend!! Morgan, you look so cute with your missing 2 front teeth. Wait until your friends at school see you tomorrow. GranMe