Sunday, March 15, 2009

Way To Go Daddy!

Friday night Scott was given a Leadership Award recognizing 10 local leaders who have made a difference in our community! He did a beautiful job with his acceptance speech as he always amazes me with his ability to speak from his heart flawlessly with no notes! Impressive, I must say! Scott serves our community in many capacities giving of himself tirelessly and does so not for the accolades but because it is the right thing to do and he is a caring person. I know you were not in your comfort zone Friday night, but you deserved it! We are all so proud of you and the good works you do!

This is more your comfort zone! Congratulations from your biggest fan club! We love you ~ Beth & the M&Ms


  1. could not have been said better! A Jane

  2. Congrats from The Smith's. We're really proud of the good work that you do, both outside and inside the Hughes household!