Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Takes a Long Time to Become a "De-dult", Right?

Merritt has learned a lot during our Tooth Fairy saga and was asking Morgan the other day if she had any "de-dult" teeth yet. Morgan showed her the two adult teeth that have come in and Merritt responded, "Oh, Morgan, you will be a de-dult soon!" She quickly told her, "No, I'm nowhere near 18!" Which Merritt responded, "Yes, it takes a long time to become a de-dult, right Momma?" Yes, Merritt, it does take a long time to become an adult, but it's happening much faster than this Momma wants it to or is ready for it to! I went on to tell her that Momma still feels like a little girl sometimes. Not sure she really bought that one! One day you'll both understand, anytime you're around your Momma and your Daddy, you'll always feel like our little girls! At least you will to us!


  1. please stay little until I get there to see you guys. A Jane

  2. Precious and a cute pic too! Cavett says e-dult as well. Funny kids.