Saturday, March 7, 2009

Move Over Mia Hamm!

Another successful morning on the soccer field! What a difference a week makes though! The temperature was probably 30 degrees warmer this weekend! In fact, we all came away rosy cheeked or pink legged! Both girls played well and both teams won! Merritt really hustled for her team and enjoyed celebrating a victory!

Morgan's team was down a player and she quickly offered to play the entire game! What a sport! She ran without ceasing, had lots of great blocks and helped her teammate by making the goal! After a well matched game, Morgan's team pulled off a victory! Way to go girls! We were all really proud of your efforts!


  1. Morgan looks like a pro! Who knew Ann could fly a kite. way to go! Love the pictures. A Jane

  2. Morgan is really hustling. What a player!!

  3. Merritt is a star player, too.