Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Friday was Kite Day for Merritt's Preschool Gateway class and oh what fun we had! Merritt shared this exciting day with some of the women in her life; her mom, her Mumise, and her GranMe! Next year we will allow the men to enjoy all the fun of running trying to keep the kite in the sky! Mark your calendars Daddy, Poppy and Poppa, March 2010 Kite Day is all about the men in Merritt's life!

GranMe was great help and quite the professional! Now I know where Morgan and Merritt get the serious tongue help from!

Mumsie was lots of help getting the kite in the sky! Merritt had a kite-tastic time!

Where is my kite? Oh, there it is way up in the's flying the highest of them all!

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