Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grams and Kilograms and First Grade Homework, Oh My!

Morgan's homework last night included a worksheet on grams and kilograms. She whizzed through it and asked me to check it. Okay, so I've never been good with units of measurement. I understand the pounds, unfortunately, but that's about it! I look up everything else! Not wanting to admit that I needed to check her answers, I told her they looked correct to me! When she wanted to turn it in this morning, I told her I wanted to recheck the grams and kilograms sheet. She went on to explain to me that kilograms were heavier than grams....very in depth explanation that was more than my small mind could handle. I told her that was very good but I would check it again today and we'll turn it in tomorrow. Out the door she went saying, "Well, okay, but I can guarantee you the computer will tell you the same thing I just did!"
Note: I have done my "research" on the computer and yes, it did tell me the same thing Morgan did! I am so in trouble! We're not even to the pre-teen years yet!


  1. This is exactly the kind of information that you have to know as a vet. All of the measurements are metric (animal weights are in kilograms and medicine dosing is in millograms). Just let Morgan know that her Vet Internship at the Fort Wayne Zoo is open whenever she is ready!

  2. forget my comment I feel like Beth-- and Amy sounds like Morgan-- I need a few lessons from first grade. I think I had the wizard of oz too much on my mind this week Oh My

  3. Beth, what are you gonna do when she gets to Algebra and Trigonometry?