Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's Do the Twist

Sweet cousin Jacob sent an early Easter present to the girls~ sidewalk chalk with stencils for Merritt and a "lemon" twist for Morgan. It's the modern day version. Back when I was a child the ball was shaped like a lemon and therefore was called the lemon twist! Not sure what they call it today but Morgan liked the name lemon twist so the tradition lives on! Amy and I spent hours in our driveway jumping over that plastic lemon! We got really good at it too! In case you are wondering, lemon twisting is like riding a bike....you never forget! My lungs gave out this afternoon before my lemon twisting did! Morgan got the hang of it really quick! I can see Morgan and Merritt spending just as many hours in our driveway hopping over that "lemon" as their Momma and Aunt Amy did!


  1. I love the look of deter

    I love the look of determination on Morgan's face{would love pictures of you trying} She does everything successfully! A Jane

  2. I watched her do it this evening and she is a whiz.

  3. And she's a lefty! Must be because her Mom is her coach! Glad she's enjoying it, even if it isn't a "real" lemon :-) Tell her we're gonna have a lemon twist throwdown the next time I come to visit!