Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sisterly Bonds

Last night with Daddy out of town, it was girls' night! We had a great time playing together but at one unfortunate point, Morgan decided she no longer wanted to play with us and chose to go to her room alone. Crushed, Merritt followed her, desperately trying to convince her sister why she needed to allow her in her room. No luck! Being the younger sister myself, my heart went out to her. She finally got in the room and begged Morgan to let her play with her Barbies. Morgan didn't have to play with her. Merritt just wanted to be in Morgan's room, playing with Morgan's toys, near Morgan.
Believe me Merritt, I understand all about being the second one to do everything and I definitely understand always wanting to be around your big sister! It's tough experiencing all the first things in your life for your parents' second time! I tried to explain to you that one day, Morgan would want you to play with her and then you could tell her no just like she told you no. You sweetly replied, "No, Momma. When Morgan wants to play with me, I will always say yes!"

That's when it struck me! Sweet Merritt, there is something we do first! Younger sisters are the first to realize the true bond of sisterhood! Older sisters still remember life before us but we are so fortunate to have always had our sisters in our lives! Trust me, little one, life will come full circle. Morgan will need your advice one day just as much as you need hers. You will be best friends and even if she remembers some of her life before you were in it, it's the years after you arrived that she will cherish the most!

Note: Thanks for all the votes. I'm not 100% sure which one I will use. I really like #3 but am drawn to #1 because it reminds me of a special picture of me and Amy seen above! I think I'll give them both to the artist and let her decide which one will make the best pencil sketch.


  1. Clearly, you are writing this piece to more than just Merritt. I have tears in my eyes! You really captured such beautiful feelings into words, and I couldn't agree more about the love that sisters share.
    Our picture has a special place in my home, and I look forward to framing the one of the girls right beside it! I love you, and give the next generation of sisters a big hug from Aunt Amy!

  2. Great point. I will cherish these words as a first born and remember this conversation once Kendrick is old enough.

  3. Being the last of four sisters I know how important they are!! You sure are quite the writter! Amy I'm waiting for your blog...share that little guy with us. A Jane