Thursday, January 15, 2009

"And This One Shall Be Called Merritt"

After dropping Sissy off at school today, I turned around to Merritt and said, "Okay chicky, it's your turn to go to school." She quickly let me know that her name's not chicky, it's Merritt! I told her I knew her name very well because I'm the one that named her. She responded, "No you didn't, God named me!" I asked her, "when did he name you?" And she said, "right before he gave me to you!" She said it with such confidence I instantly pictured God holding her in His hands saying, "And this one shall be called Merritt!" When I shared this with her she told me, "that's right and right before he gave you Morgan he said, "And this one shall be called Morgan!"


  1. Beth,
    I'm a friend of Amy's from SMU and found your blog because she was registered on my blog.

    What a darling family you have! I remember when Morgan was born like it was yesterday. How can she be 7 already?

    Great job on your blog...keep it up. My boys are older now and LOVE reading what I write. They also lovegoing back to posts from the years before to see what we had going on.

    Take care,
    Shelby Lehman Lowell

  2. How precious! I love it when they "get it!"