Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seven Years of Morgan

Dear Morgan,

You entered this earthly world 7 years ago today but you were born into my heart many years before! You are the sweet creation of God's that made me a mother, something I had hoped to be for a long time! You have brought much joy to our lives as we have watched you grow from a smart and funny toddler into a kind and gentle child. I have many hopes and dreams for your future and look forward to each new day with you!

May you continue to have the desire to read, learn and challenge yourself!

May you continue through life the confident and strong girl who started kindergarten with a smile on her face barely looking back at her Mom and Dad! I'm glad you didn't or you would have noticed the tears welling up in my eyes!

May you always be best friends with Merritt cherishing the special bond that only sisters have!

May you smile often, laugh often and love with your whole heart as you contribute so much to this world we live in! Your kind, sweet spirit is such an inspiration to me!

I love you all the way to the Moon and back,


  1. This is a really beautiful letter to your daughter! I have heard so much about them through Jane. My mom, Cathy, and Jane have been friends foreve. Between all of the ladies,I love hearing stories about all of the nieces and grandbabies! I have a little girl, and they are such treasures! Happy birthday to yours....and a special day for your to remember, too!

    Best wishes, marcey stone (

  2. Precious! She so looks like you! Happy Birthday Morgan!

  3. I can't beleive seven years have past. What lucky children you have to have YOU as there Mom A Jane

  4. your blog brought back memories today....
    my daughter and I have always said I love you to the moon and the back and more than all the stars and all the grains of sand
    thank you for allowing others to share your special moments as a mother with your blog

  5. This blog will be the best present she ever had many years from now.