Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merritt's love

Merritt has loved Scott's favorite t-shirts and my favorite night shirts for quite sometime! She affectionately refers to them as their color. So she drags around "Pink", "Grey" and "Blue" quite often. They have ventured out with us to the soccer field, Target, grandparents' houses for sleep overs, etc. She has finally dwindled her collection down to "Pink" and "Grey". Pink is my night shirt and Grey is Scott's t-shirt. This weekend we went to Arlington for Scott's cousin's Eagle Scout award ceremony. "Grey" came with us. Last night in the hotel, I pulled out my pajamas, "Blue". I thought Merritt had forgotten all about "Blue" but when she saw it come out of the suitcase she grabbed it and gave it the most endearing hug! I let her know that Momma had brought "Blue" to sleep in. She quickly responded, "well, you should have brought other pajamas." We compromised by sleeping together so she could hold on to "Blue."


  1. Did you figure anything out with the posts? Did that help at all?

  2. I think I did it!

  3. That was such a sweet compromise.