Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morgan at 50

As I was reminiscing yesterday about the past seven years, I came across this drawing Morgan did last year in kindergarten in celebration of her 50th day of school!
I particularly love the highlights, wrinkles and double chin! I know you'll need the highlights, Morg, but I pray that wrinkles will be kind and that you don't have a double chin!
Looking forward to celebrating your 50th with you! Your poor Momma will be pushing 80 at that time so please pick me up for the party!
Thanks for celebrating just with family this year, I hope you thought your party was as special as I did!


  1. Absolutely precious and I love that she celebrated with just family as it should be. I wish I had been so wise.

  2. If momma will be 80 when Morgan is 50, just think about her aunt!