Saturday, January 17, 2009


Scott's mom emailed me this picture today. It warmed my heart to see big sister taking care of little sister especially in current times when little sister isn't always the apple in big sister's eye! What an awesome responsibility you have, Morgan, to be the wonderful example you are to Merritt. I know it's not always easy but believe me, the love and support of a sister is like no other! Trust me, I know! Not so long ago, I was Merritt and Aunt Amy was you! Eventually, you will be the best of friends and one day you will find yourself turning to Merritt for support and advice!

Tonight as we were participating in the nightly rituals, I began washing Morgan's hair saying, "Rub-a-dub-dub...." Before I could complete the all too familiar saying, Merritt chimed in... "three minutes in the tub!" Not exactly how I remember the catchy phrase! Does Momma rush you two in the bath????

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  1. Love the picture! Thanks for sharing your life with the girls. You are doing the most imporant job on earth..and from where I'm sitting you are great at it!! A Jane