Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merritt's Last Year of Pre-School

Merritt's preschool class held an open house on Tuesday, August 18th to meet the teachers and students. Merritt considered this her "first" day of school so she insisted I take a picture of her just like big sister did on her first day!

Her first day of school was officially Wednesday, August 19th. Since Morgan started on Monday, those two days were a little rough for Merritt. She didn't think it was very fair that Morgan got to start school before her. Wait until next year, Merritt! Kindergarten students don't start until the Friday of the first week. Life will really be unfair that week! Until then, we have a wonderful final preschool year ahead of us with lots of new friends, fun and field trips!
Now that I know Merritt likes turkey and cheese sandwiches, taking lunch to school is an option. She is really proud of her lady bug lunch bag. We look at the menu for the week and decide when to take a lunch and when to eat the school lunch. So far, I think I've packed more lunches. Poor thing, I think she lived on ketchup alone last school year!
She loves school but has had a slight adjustment. Her best girl friends moved on to kindergarten this year. The first week I think she was really missing them but she has quickly grown to love her new classmates. Since she never meets a stranger, the adjustment didn't take long!
Welcome to your final year of preschool, Merritt! Enjoy every second of it!

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