Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learning to "Start Again"

Morgan recently began her second year of Suzuki Violin Lessons. She has made great strides in her studies and can play a large repertoire of songs. Merritt has benefited from the lessons as well as the three of us tend to travel in a pack. Not sure if we're a herd, gaggle, or what but usually if you see one of us, the other two are not far behind!
That said, I realized today how much Merritt is benefiting from Morgan's lessons. Today during Morgan's theory class which Merritt so desperately wants to participate in, we looked at some music and talked about different elements of the music. During the discussion, Merritt whispered to me, "I know what that is" (pointing to the above image). Knowing it was a repeat sign, I asked Merritt, "What does it mean?" She replied, "Start again!" Surprised that she knew the answer, I asked, "How do you know?" Exasperated with me she replied, "I've been here before!" So, I quickly realized that when Merritt starts violin class, she'll be the teacher rather than the student!

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  1. Family ..team..friends...lucky... That's what you guys are! Keep hanging out together! A Jane