Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Like to Call it Early Rush!

I like to call it early Rush! My ZTA friends and the girls' ZTA aunts might choose to call it dirty Rush! Whatever the phrase, Bid Day 2009 was Saturday morning and I decided to introduce the girls to the fun of sororities, especially Chi Omega!
Here are the girls meeting Chi Omega's mascot, The Wise Ole Owl!
Here they are hanging out on the balcony waiting for the girls to run down the hill to their new "home!"

Here are the 2009 pledges, I mean new members, running down the hill on campus to the Chi-O house! It was a lot of fun and my girls had a good time. With only 2 sororities on my college campus, rush, I mean recruitment, can be stressful! Morgan was very interested in finding out how the girls decide which sorority to choose. I explained that both sororities have several nights of parties to meet the girls and share with them, through conversation and fun skits, what their sorority was all about. She pondered this for a moment but was still unsure of it all wondering why I chose one sorority and her two aunts chose another. I guess that's why they make chocolate and vanilla, Morgan! Of course, in our household, we eat Bluebell's The Great Divide which is half chocolate and half vanilla so I don't think that's a good example for us! We had a nice time but knowing I'll be the mother of a daughter going through recruitment in 11 years, already puts butterflies in my stomach!


  1. Never too early! Im an ADPI girl, but love the Greek system for all it has to offer! How fun to share this with your girls! I cant wait to take Lily to my old house:)

  2. I can see the red polka dotted romper now...Way to introduce it early, Ruth Rushee! Chi-O-mega, choo, choo, Chi-O-mega choo choo's the one for YOU!!!

  3. Hey M&M, your two Aunt's symbol is a crown! Wouldn't you rather be a Zeta Princess!!!

  4. Girls, your Aunt Amy has known from the day of your birth that Yes, you are Princesses. What does Daddy call you when he comes home?

  5. I think he usually calls them Princess Wise Owls!