Friday, June 5, 2009

"We Got It All!"

The transmission in Scott's Explorer began "slipping" the night of Memorial Day. He discovered this after taking his final exam in one of his more difficult MBA classes. The cost to repair it turned out to be more than the car was worth! We had been thinking about getting a new car this summer but now finding ourselves in the situation of having to buy one makes for many emotional moments!
We started the process by doing a little internet research and narrowed it down to the car lots we wanted to peruse. This past Sunday, we walked the empty lots checking out window stickers. After dropping Merritt off for church camp on Monday morning, the rest of the clan headed to do a little test-driving. After a couple of models, we all agreed on the same one. Now comes the negotiating. Morgan and I headed to pick up Merritt while Daddy did the negotiating.
In the meantime, a friend of mine suggested we look at her newly purchased Chevrolet Traverse. She had test-driven most SUVs/Crossovers on the market and settled on the Traverse. I took a look at hers and was SOLD. Back to the drawing board. We test-drove one on Wednesday and brought it home that night!
We are all pleased with the new addition to our family and are already planning several trips! Merritt sums up the purchase well: "We got it all, Momma! Cup holders, a very back seat, air, and white!"

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  1. Can't wait to ride in it. Looks great!!