Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blueberry Pickin'

GranMe and Poppy took us blueberry picking one day this week. It was a fun outing for the cousins and adults alike! I don't think I've ever been blueberry picking! The kids had a great time pickin' and eatin' the berries! Sometimes there was more eatin' going on than pickin'! I guess the blueberry farm factors that in when they determine the price of a kid's bucket!

Morgan was very methodical in her approach and wound up with the fullest bucket!

Merritt worked carefully in the shade and on the low branches. She liked to find spaces Morgan was too big to get in to pick!

Jacob was very careful to only pick the blue ones!

And very carefully only ate the blue ones!

Thanks GranMe and Poppy for a new experience! Although the girls have been before, this was a first for Jacob and Aunt Beth!

Merritt told Poppy he needed to know 2 things before they went to the blueberry farm ~ #1 "I don't like blueberries and #2 I don't like popsicles!" I think we've won her over to the blueberry side but she still won't give a popsicle a chance! Maybe next year!

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