Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Surprise From the Beginning

Dear Merritt,

Fours years ago today you joined our family. Your entrance into this world should have been a clue; you have been a surprise from the beginning! Mommy and Daddy wanted another child but God added you to our family sooner than we thought He would! You were to be a July baby just like Momma but you and the doctors decided June was a better month for you! June 13, 2005 proved to be a very lucky and healthy day for Merritt Elizabeth! Many friends and family members were present for your birth, even 2 great-grandmothers!

Although I was already a Momma to Morgan, you have made me a better parent. I am more patient and understanding because of you (at least I hope that I am). Although you say that Daddy is your best buddy, I will always be a champion for you since I too understand what it's like to be a little sister! You have played a very special role in the making of our family. You have completed us! It's hard to remember life before you were a part of this family and unimaginable to think of life without you! You are the bright spot in the day for so many of us!

May your zest for life continue to grow!

May your knowledge and understanding of fashionable shoes continue! You have already learned 2 valuable lessons ~ If the shoe fits, wear it. If it's cute but hurts, still wear it! You learned this lesson just this week when you picked out your first pair of flip flops. You told me, "I really love them but they really hurt!" I told you to keep wearing them, you would get used to them. The next day you announced, "They still hurt, but I'm getting used to them!"

May your adventurous spirit find you on many adventures in your lifetime. And may you bring dear 'ole Mom on one or two of your adventures! So far you've allowed me to travel on many a camp out in our living room! Thanks to Mumsie and Poppa for the new tent! We have many more adventures ahead of us! Thanks to GranMe and Poppy for the camera to document those adventures!

May your sweet spirit and kind heart continue to brighten others and put a smile on their face! God has something special planned for you and I am blessed to watch it unfold! May God continue to give Momma and Daddy the patience, love and understanding so that we may be able to equip you for your greatness!

Thank you for blessing my life daily!
I love you all around the world and back,


  1. GranMe and PoppyJune 14, 2009 at 1:37 PM

    You light up our lives and add zest to our older bones. We love you and wish for you the very best life has in store for you. Love those flip flops, too.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Your Mom is right[she always is!] you do make are big family just a little more special!! Love A Jane

  3. Your thoughts are so beautiful! Happy Birhtday!
    - Marcey