Sunday, June 21, 2009

40 Years of Fatherhood

I think today marked my Dad's 41st Father's Day! I'll have to ask him or my statistician sister, they are better at math! He put me on the spot at lunch today, taking a suggestion from this morning's sermon. What characteristic describes your father? He started the conversation off, remembering his father, my granddad that I only knew for 4 short years. As it quickly became my turn, I was very lost for words. Not that I don't have many memories of my father, they just weren't coming to me!

Hope this makes up for my lack of words this afternoon ~ Daddy, your character is what makes the biggest impression on me. Not an unkind word could be spoken about you. Your honesty and integrity are well above the norm! I often joke about your inability to lie even on my wedding day when the videographer was a no show. As one of my bridesmaids asked me if the wedding would be videoed, I'll never forget your head shaking out of the corner of my eye. As I turned to you with tears I said, "Daddy, just once in your life, couldn't you lie!" My tears quickly dried as you and my friends reminded me that the best video will be my memories. Although I wished you had lied at that moment, thank you for staying true to yourself because that moment, that lesson, has lived on in my heart. My hope is that my children can one day say the same about me. Although they've got me on the Santa Claus thing!

Thank you for always putting us first, making sure all our needs were met. I always thought we were rich, never feeling like we went without. I now know we weren't "rich" in material things but you and mom made sure that we were "rich" in the areas that mattered!

You set the standard high and because of you and your example, I have the best husband and father to my children! The only way I could repay you for that is to raise my girls so that they too will have a "rich" life!

Even though I haven't been a part of all 41 Father's days, one thing I know for sure, today was your best Father's day ever! Just like next year will be your best Father's Day ever!

How 'bout those Indians,


  1. No truer words spoken about MY first boyfriend!! A Jane

  2. I'm gonna cry, so I'll just second Beth with "How 'bout those Indians!". Love you, Dad!