Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make-Overs & Manicures

Our summer has already seen many make-overs and manicures! Merritt is definitely a girly girl, loving to put on makeup and have her nails painted! If only she would allow them to be "snip snipped!" She's got some claws on her! She created the above look all on her own. Complete with a chocolate beauty mark! I swear, that child always has chocolate on her somewhere!

During our most recent manicure, we got a call from Mimi needing some help with my grandmother, Ms. Jo. I told Merritt we needed to go to Ms. Jo's to help her a little bit. Remembering Ms. Jo's recent fall, Merritt replied, "She's not on the floor again, is she?" I told her, "No, she just needs a little help." I'm not sure what Merritt thought we were being asked to do but as we were hurrying out the door she said, "Wait a minute, I think I'll need this" as she grabbed her pretend cleaning supplies!
As I am typing this, I have realized that only one hand is painted. I either need to go find some finger nail polish remover or ask for another manicure appointment with Merritt. As I try to decide what I want to do next in life, I might consider being a manicurist. Merritt says I'm really good at painting nails since I can stay in the lines! Come to think of it, when it comes to painting nails, Merritt's not so good at staying in the lines so I think I'll go find that finger nail polish remover!

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